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Race Volunteers

We offer many opportunities to help with the Dog Days 5K.  Volunteer shifts are 3 hours.  This allows time for us to delegate assistance to our areas of need and send our volunteers information they’ll need for race day. If you can no longer help after registering to volunteer for our race, please let us know by email at

Dog Days K5 Run/Walk Race Volunteers

Race volunteers will be required to perform one of  the general duties listed below:

  • Maintaining water/fruit stations
  • Encouraging runners throughout course
  • Assisting with runner registration and general check-in
  • Providing support at our T-Shirt tent
  • Organizing Medals/Trophies tables
  • Mile Marker notifications and timing
  • General Clean up



Ready to promote your business at our Annual Dog Days Run?  Here are the marketing sponsorship options to showcase your business to the Dog Days running community!

The East Cobb Rotary Club members represent a cross section of East Cobb's business and professional community.  We meet each Wednesday morning at Indian Hills Country Club, 4001 Clubland Dr., Marietta, GA 30068 from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 enjoy breakfast, fellowship and an interesting guest speaker.

Hi Everyone!

Today is Wednesday (for those of you losing track of the days due to involuntary “Cobb Corona-cation”) and normally our Club would have had our weekly breakfast meeting already.

Alas... not this week. 😕

However, I would like everyone who reads this post to help bridge our social distance a little.

By the paltry powers invested in me as the PI Chair of the Rotary Club of East Cobb, I have hereby deemed today “Thankful and Tagging” Tue - oh wait 🤪 - WEDNESDAY!! (So much for alliteration!)

👉🏻👉🏽👉🏻Tag a Rotarian below who is a member of ANOTHER Club who you are Thankful for!!!!👈🏾👈🏻👈🏿

I’ll start...

I’m thankful for a lot of Rotarians, but am feeling gratitude today particularly for Peggie Oeland Morrow and her many kindnesses to me these past years. To me, Peggie embodies “service above self” and walks the walk and talks the talk. She and her hubby, Dr. Jim Morrow are wonderful business people, truly generous in spirit, and such lovebirds.

As the young people say “Hashtag Relationship Goals”!!!!!

❤️😊 Ok... so your turn!
Appreciate! Nominate!
Rotary District 6900

#ServiceAboveSelf #StayingGrateful

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Normally this is when I’d be posting an “ICYMI” (In Case Ewe Mist It) video from this morning or a #ThisIsHowWeWednesday post but today - alas - no Rotary Club of East Cobb meeting. 😔

Kinda feels weird not seeing 60+ members of my extended family this morning like we do every week. And I admit, it feels a little lonely.

I forced the dog and cat to join me in my own private Rotary meeting this morning and they were... kind of terrible at it.

The cat barely held her paw over her heart during the “Pledge of Allegiance”.

And, to my horror, the dog took it upon himself to start grooming during the 4 Way Test.

No one (besides me) gave a single penny to our “Sunshine” (aka Brag a Buck).

And as I went over announcements, a squirrel ran past the window and the meeting dissolved completely in into a cacophony of barking, meowing, hissing, yowling, and my drapes somehow got trashed in the process.

So you all will never have to worry about my insistence that we open membership to include domestic animals. They seem to not get the whole “Service Above Self” concept. (Or at least my own furry hooligans don’t!)


But in all seriousness, on behalf of the Rotary Club of East Cobb, we wish you all health and peace and pray for a swift conclusion to this global crisis. Let’s all be of service to one another and try and keep a sense of humor to help us through it all!

“Keep Tight Lines!” 🙂❤️🐾

#ServiceAboveSelf #4WayTest #4PawTest #ThisIsHowWeVirtuallyWednesday

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Happy Saturday All!

In a time of fear and uncertainty, let’s continue to focus on things that bring us joy and gratitude and work on connection maintenance!

Since the current climate of social isolation is happening, I’d like to offer up an idea for service:

Call your local hospital, senior care facility, VFW, etc and ask if you can send a nice handwritten note to someone in their organization who may not have anyone checking on them.

Or even scroll through your own contact list and call or write a few people you have not spoken with in awhile.

Or maybe within your own Rotary or service organization- who have you not had a few minutes with recently? (I’m the first to admit I have a number of peeps I haven’t caught up with in a few weeks...)

A dear friend and mentor of mine used to sign off on all correspondence “keep tight lines!” He was an avid sportsman and loved to fish. It was a fishing term but it also meant to keep lines of communication tight with good friends and family. Because sometimes just a little something like a note of remembrance in the mail can be a very big deal to someone.

I’m a fan of that saying - how about you?

So on behalf of all of us individuals of the Rotary Club of East Cobb on this slightly sunny somewhat balmy Saturday, wishing you health and peace of mind and joy!

Now let’s all strive to “Keep Tight Lines”!!! ❤️

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We Love Guests! ❤️❤️❤️ This morning we had no less than 7 guests visiting us and it’s always so wonderful to get to meet new individuals, learn more about them and what they do, and also share some of what we do! (PS - Also today was French Toast day!! 😊🍞🥓☕️Nom! You guests chose wisely!!!!)

Unlike the gatekeeper in “The Wizard of Oz”, no need to ring the bell... and no ruby slippers required!!! 👠🧙🏻‍♀️🌈🌪❤️

Rotary District 6900

#ComeVisitASpell #BreakfastClub
#ThisIsHowWeWednesday #RotaryConnectsTheWorld #YoureNotInKansasAnymore

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